DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub

If you’re looking for the perfect handmade Valentine’s Day gift idea, this DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub is it. Not only is it full of homemade love, it’s also nourishing and exfoliating.

Salt Scrub

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so it’s time to make a list of handmade gifts you’ll give to those you care about to show your love and appreciation. Personally, I love giving handmade beauty products. I find that salt scrubs and sugar scrub cubes are usually BIG hits. And it’s understandable. Who doesn’t love to exfoliate and detoxify for silky smooth skin?

And best of all, they are super easy to make. And affordable! You only need a couple of supplies plus a few minutes of your time, and you have a DIY Valentine’s Day gift that will be appreciated and remembered.

Salt Scrub

This salt scrub is made with pink sea salt which is a perfect hue for Valentine’s Day. Pink salt is naturally found in the Himalayan mountains. It’s believed to be made of dried remnants of the original primal sea plus ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains which were covered 5,000 feet deep by lava causing them to crystallize over millions of years ago, protecting the salt from modern day pollutants.

For this reason, pink sea salt is often said to be the purest salt, over 99 percent pure, and the most beneficial salt available. When ground into small particles, pink sea salt is perfect for a salt scrub like this one. It exfoliates, detoxifies, balances skin’s pH and nourishes it for smoother, softer legs, feet, and elbows.

This scrub also has jazzberry red mica powder and pink glitter which makes it sparkle in the jar and on the skin. It’s scented with both Strawberries & Sunshine and Pink Champagne fragrance oils for a unique blend of fresh apricot, winter berries, rich brandy and champagne — the perfect scent for a loved one, co-worker, teacher or yourself.

This sea salt scrub is quick and easy to make and is a great gift option. Just choose a cute container, like a clear round tube or a jar, and then download and print the free labels below.

Note: Since this recipe is natural and doesn’t have a preservative, avoid water contamination while in the shower to protect against mold and bacteria. And plan to use it within a month or two.

DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub for Valentine’s Day

Salt Scrub


  • 13 oz. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt — Fine Grain
  • 1.5 mL Pink Champagne Fragrance Oil
  • 1.5 mL Strawberries & Sunshine Fragrance Oil
  • 2 mini scoops Jazzberry Red Mica Powder
  • 4 mini scoops of Princess Pink Glitter (optional)
  • DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub Template — Free PDF (Find it after the recipe)


1. In a large bowl, weigh 13 ounces of pink Himalayan Sea salt.

Salt Scrub

2. Divide salts evenly between 2 mixing bowls, 6.5 ounces each.

3. Add 0.75 mL of Pink Champagne fragrance oil and 0.75 mL of Strawberries & Sunshine fragrance oil into each bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly with a whisk.

Salt Scrub

4. Sprinkle 2 mini scoops of Jazzberry Red mica powder in first bowl and mix well to coat evenly. I also added 4 mini scoops of Princess Pink glitter for some bling. This is completely optional but it makes the scrub a little shimmery and sparkly, and I love that!

5. Leave the second bowl uncolored.

Salt Scrub

6. Spread salts out onto 2 separate jelly roll pans to dry.

7. Place all salts into one large mixing bowl and mix together. Transfer salt scrub to your containers. You can use a funnel for easier filling. I used this cute 6-ounce clear round tube with cap and a 4-ounce clear jar. Both are available on Amazon. This recipe made 1 tube and 1 jar — each had about 6.5 ounces of scrub (yes including the 4-ounce jar). You may need to shake them a little. This will help the salts to settle and ensure that 6.5 ounces will fit in each.

Salt Scrub

8. Place cap on tube and lid on jar. Follow with decorative twine.

Salt Scrub

To use, apply the scrub to wet skin and gently scrub. Wash off and pat skin dry. Or, scoop desired amount into bath and soak. Enjoy!

DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub Printable

Now that you’ve made your gorgeous salt scrub it deserves a label, right??

Salt Scrub

If you’re giving this DIY salt scrub as a gift, you’re going to want some cute labels to go with them! You can download them here: DIY Strawberries & Champagne Salt Scrub Printable

What essential or fragrance oils do you like to add to your salt scrub recipes?

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