Pink Champagne & Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

Pink sea salt is a pretty pink hued salt naturally found in the Himalayan mountain region. It’s often said to be the purest salt, over 99 percent pure, and the most beneficial salt available. And this is because Himalayan salt is believed to be composed of dried remnants of the original, primal sea.

Plus the ancient sea beds in the Himalayan Mountains were covered 5,000 feet deep by lava causing it to crystallize over millions of years ago and protecting the salt from modern day pollutants. When ground into small particles, pink sea salt is perfect for a sea salt scrub recipe like this one. It exfoliates, detoxifies, softens skin, and balances its pH! It’s suitable for legs, feet, and dry patches like elbows.

Sea Salt Scrub

The scrub also has light gold mica powder, which makes the scrub sparkle and will also sparkle on the skin, especially against dark skin. It’s scented with Pink Champagne fragrance oil, a unique blend of fresh apricot, winter berries, rich brandy and champagne — it makes the perfect before dinner toast.

This sea salt scrub recipe is quick and easy to make, so it’s a great gift option. Just choose a cute container, like the 8 ounce clear keuka plastic bottles, and then download and print these free labels.

Since this recipe is natural and doesn’t have a preservative, avoid water contamination while in the shower to protect against mold and bacteria and plan to use it within a month or two.

Sea Salt Scrub


Sea Salt Scrub


  1. In a large bowl, weigh 20 ounces of pink Himalayan Sea salt.
  2. Add 2.5 mL of Pink Champagne fragrance oil. Use your hands or a spatula to thoroughly mix the ingredients.
  3. Sprinkle 1 mini scoop of Highlight White Gold mica powder and mix well to coat evenly.
  4. On jelly roll pans lined with waxed paper, lay out the bath salts to dry.
  5. When salts are dry, usually overnight, begin bottling them. Transfer the sea salt scrub to your containers. Use a funnel for easier filling. We used 8 ounce clear keuka bottles (available on Amazon). This recipe made 2 bottles – each one had about 10 ounces of scrub. You may need to shake the bottles. This will help the salts to settle and ensure that 10 ounces will fit in each bottle.
  6. Place caps on bottles and follow with a foil wrapper.

To use, apply the scrub to wet skin and gently scrub. Wash off and pat skin dry. Or, pour desired amount into bath and soak. Enjoy!

Pair this body scrub with the Strawberries & Champagne Homemade Body Wash for the perfect DIY Christmas gift!

Sea Salt Scrub

Do you ever make homemade salt scrubs and body washes as gifts or for yourself?

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