Pampering DIY Bath Soak — A Ridiculously Easy Christmas Gift Idea

Around the holidays, days are long and can be filled with stress — from the whirlwind of gift-giving and holiday parties to entertaining, travel and numerous other things on your holiday to-do list. If you want the perfect end to a long day, this DIY bath soak is a snap to make and transport.

In ten minutes or less, you have a bath soak that helps you wind down after a stressful day, eases sore muscles, and detoxes skin! Keep it or give it away as a rejuvenating and relaxing holiday gift.

DIY Bath Soak

Bath salts as well as chamomile, calendula flowers, lavender, rose petals, hibiscus and orange peel are layered into a clear plastic tube for an elegant and natural look. Leave the DIY bath soak unscented or add some of your favorite essential/fragrance oil(s) for a complete aromatherapy experience!

If you’re concerned about the flowers clogging your drain, place 1 tablespoonful of the soak into organza bags or sealable tea bags before each use. We packaged the bath soak in a clear plastic tube bead container that we found on Amazon. A classy container is the perfect finishing touch for this recipe.

What You’ll Need: 

  • 6 teaspoonfuls Dead Sea salt
  • 5 teaspoonfuls pink Himalayan salt
  • 5 teaspoonfuls Epsom salt
  • 6 teaspoonfuls + 3 teaspoonfuls Pampering Bath Tea Blend (chamomile, calendula flowers, lavender, rose petals, hibiscus and orange peel)
  • 20 drops Born to Move fragrance oil or essential/fragrance oil of choice, optional
  • One clear plastic tube bead container (5-1/2″ long) or four 8-dram glass vials


  1. Using a measuring spoon, measure out the salts into a glass bowl.
  2. Add Born to Move fragrance oil or essential/fragrance oil(s) of choice, if desired, then mix well.
  3. Add 6 teaspoonfuls of Pampering Bath Tea Blend to mixture, stirring to incorporate.
  4. Use a funnel to fill your container (a clear plastic tube bead container works perfectly).
  5. Place 3 teaspoonfuls of the Pampering Bath Tea Blend at the top of the filled tube and cap. Tie raffia around top of tube to decorate, if desired.
DIY Bath Soak

To use, scoop out 1 tablespoonful of the DIY bath soak into hot bath water.


What is your favorite kind of bath additive?

Let me know in the comments section below!

I love bath soaks and salts.

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