Antibacterial Lemongrass DIY Lotion Bars for Summer

Looking for an easy and convenient, all-natural lightly-scented way to moisturize your skin during the summer and leave it feeling great? Try these antibacterial lemongrass DIY lotion bars! They’re moisturizing, extremely gentle, and a good choice for sensitive skin.

DIY Lotion Bars

Keeping skin moisturized can be just as difficult during the summer as it is during winter! From spending a lot more time outdoors and being exposed to the sun’s rays to days at the beach swimming in salty ocean water or swimming in chlorinated pool water.

Don’t get me wrong, this is wonderful but it can also lead to dry, cracked skin. Although store-bought lotions and salves can do the job, they’re filled with yucky chemicals that often do more harm than good. An easy way to counter that is with these homemade DIY lotion bars. They heal and moisturize skin and they’re made from quality, natural ingredients! Plus they only take a few minutes to mix together! Who doesn’t love that?! 🙂

DIY lotion bars are popular because they’re convenient and full of healthy skin ingredients.

They make wonderful gifts too—a thoughtful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift or a “just because” present!

I especially love these lotion bars because they’re antibacterial. I can use them on scrapes, bruises, and minor cuts which are more common during the summer! Plus they’re moisturizing and extremely gentle, so they’re a good choice for those with sensitive skin. In short, they’re perfect for summer skin!

Antibacterial Lemongrass DIY Lotion Bars for Summer

DIY Lotion Bars

Did I mention that these DIY lotions bars are so simple to make?

And this recipe makes a lot. A little goes a long way, so it will last you a while.

My husband likes to keep one of these lotion bars in his car and he uses it on his hands. He’s on the road a lot as an Uber driver and he has to sanitize his hands often. Since his hands get dry, especially in the winter, he loves these antibacterial lotion bars! He rubs this lotion bar on his hands to soften and moisturize them. Even the toughest of hands will benefit from this oil blend!

Here’s why these DIY lotion bars work: 

Shea butter is amazing! It’s moisturizing, reduces inflammation, and smooths skin. It’s packed with fatty acids and natural vitamins, making it incredibly nourishing, protective of your skin’s natural oils, and an ideal remedy for dry, cracked skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Plus it conditions, tones, and soothes your skin. And it’s great to use on kids and babies too! (Mic drop!)

Beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties which promote the healing of wounds. It also protects your skin by forming a barrier between it and daily environmental stressors such as the sun’s harmful UV rays and air pollution. But it doesn’t clog your pores. And beeswax is high in vitamin A, which supports the reconstruction of cells and keeps them healthy.

Coconut oil has several incredible benefits for skin. Not only does it reduce inflammation, keep skin moisturized, repair and restore skin, and help heal wounds, it also possesses antimicrobial properties that protect your skin from harmful bacteria while maintaining its good bacteria! 🙂

Lemongrass essential oil deters bugs! Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it’s used as a natural remedy to heal wounds and help prevent skin infections. Plus it has that fresh, citrusy scent! (Om!)

Watch How to Make Antibacterial DIY Lotion Bars:


  • 2 ounces Sunflower Oil
  • 1.5 ounces Beeswax
  • 1 ounce Coconut Oil
  • 1 ounce Shea Butter
  • 2 mL Lemongrass Essential Oil (optional)


1. To a double boiler or metal pot, add beeswax. Heat on low until melted. You can also use your microwave and heat it in 30-second intervals (just remember to mix the ingredients thoroughly with a spoon between intervals). I personally use the double boiler method.

2. Turn off heat and add shea butter. Let it melt naturally. Once the shea butter is almost melted, add your nourishing oils (sunflower oil and coconut oil). Mix the ingredients occasionally until everything has melted.

3. Add the essential oil, if using. Mix well one last time.

4. Fill your tubes with the mixture all the way to the top. Let them cool completely and harden then place lids on topit will take about 15 minutes before you can put the lids on and about 30 minutes before they’re ready for use. Leave the lotion bars undisturbed until they are set.

DIY Lotion Bars

Note: You can also pour the mixture into a silicone mold then store the lotion bars in a glass jar once they’re ready.

DIY Lotion Bars

5. Store in a cool, dry place and enjoy!

If you are making these DIY lotion bars in a warm room, put the tubes or silicone mold in the fridge to firm up.

These DIY lotion bars stay solid but melt pretty quickly when you start applying them. They feel wonderfully soft on the skin, and I love that they nourish my husband’s skin with wonderful oils and no harsh chemicals.

How To Use

DIY Lotion Bars

Once ready, just rub a lotion bar onto your hands (just like you rub your deodorant stick onto your armpits). Rub the bar into your skin then rub your hands together to make sure the lotion is distributed all over your hands to soften calluses and/or to relieve dry, cracked skin.

Note: The tubes are reusable so make sure you save them for your next batch once you’re done with your lotion bars.

Pretty simple, right?

Hope you love these DIY lotion bars as much as we do!


DIY Lotion Bars

What are your favorite DIY recipes to make for summer?

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DIY Lotion Bars

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