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This has been such a silly, busy, enlightening week…

I launched a new fragrance, Love Your Selfie, that’s all about encouraging young girls to wrap themselves in positivity and self worth. Inspired by the name, I decided to take a selfie with Tea (pronounced TE-ah).

I’ve had a batch of cookies that my friend, Khadijah, baked sitting next to me while I work most days this week. They’re sooo good!

I went back to middle school. Well, not really. Sarah (my oldest) started 6th grade last week and this week was Back-to-School Night. It was very enlightening. Parents got to walk a day in their kids’ shoes. Each class was 10 minutes long, a total of 7 “periods”, and teachers gave us a rundown of the syllabus during that time. After each “period”, the bell rang and we had 4 minutes to get from one classroom to another. By the way the school is a quarter mile long from one side to the other and Sarah has back-to-back classes at opposite ends of the school. Go figure! The good news is after all that walking I reached my steps goal on that day. Very happy about that.

I also made some more body wash and spray as I was running low.

All in all a good week!