9 Ways To Use Our Natural Antibacterial Body Sprays

Natural Antibacterial Body Sprays

Let’s face it, when you have tweens, teens and kids, it’s a challenge to have them smelling good all day, all the time. Especially if they’re active. What starts out as harmless sweat can quickly turn into a destructive force, contaminating every fabric, carpet and surface it comes into contact with. It’s something that we, the parents, have come to accept. But, despite our seemingly losing battle against the smells of preteen and teenagehood, there’s still hope that we can salvage our family’s, home’s, and surrounding areas’ well-being with one simple solution. What is that you may ask? Our natural antibacterial body sprays!

Despite having “Body” in their name, our natural Antibacterial Body Sprays have the ability to take on all kinds of smells, on the body and beyond. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get rid of those odorous smells.

1: All-Over Body Spray

Having a bottle of one of our Antibacterial Body Sprays is a not-so-subtle hint to kids to let them know that the time has come for them to do something about their body odor. Because what’s the alternative? Following them around for the next 10 years trying to get rid of whatever odors they leave behind? No Thanks!

2: Shoes

Don’t even get me started on shoes! The combination of sweat, dirt, and dark places makes shoes the epicenter of smelly smells for many kids (and adults). It seems that where rubber meets the road, there’s sure to be bad odors. Although our Antibacterial Body Spray is natural, it packs a punch in wiping out bad odors from shoes and feet.

3: Room Freshener

Sometimes it’s impossible to identify the source of the bad smells. Or, sometimes it seems like the smells have taken over large areas or entire rooms. No worries! A few blasts of our Antibacterial Body Spray shifts the balance and neutralizes foul odors.

4: Clothing

You’re busy. We get it. Sometimes you catch a whiff of something you’d rather not but you either don’t have the time or the clean laundry for a change of clothes. Hey, it happens. No worries. Use a couple of sprays of one of our natural Antibacterial Body Sprays on your kid in the offending area, and their clothes will be smelling as fresh as clean laundry.

5: Cars

Have you ever picked up your sweaty, dirty kid from school or practice, they get in the car with all their bags, gear and accessories, and you nearly pass out?! And then add food and drinks all in a confined space filled with hard-to-reach crevices! Yikes! It’s actually amazing that we don’t drive around with the car windows down all the time. But, with a spritz here and a spritz there of one of our natural Antibacterial Body Sprays, and you can get your car back to a refreshed state.

6: Gym Bags and Backpacks

Speaking of bags, it’s always better to prevent rather than cure when it comes to bad odors. Lightly spritz bags, gear, and accessories with one of our natural Antibacterial Body Sprays before putting them in your car, house or garage to prevent a bigger stench from developing.

7: Carpets and Rugs

Prevent odors from seeping into your carpeting and rugs with a refreshing blast of essential and fragrance oils from our Body Sprays. Because once odors are ground in, it’s difficult to get your carpets back to neutral let alone pleasant. Unless you buy a steam vac or hire rug cleaners regularly.

8: Linens and Bedding

It’s easy to change out sheets but it’s not as easy to launder a comforter. It’s a pain! Plus, it makes your washer and dryer unusable for the loads of daily laundry that need prompt attention before they too become very smelly. Our Antibacterial Body Sprays can prolong the periods between necessary comforter laundering without damaging or staining fabric.

9: Closets and Drawers

Last, but not least, we know that not only clean clothes and linens are carelessly shoved into closets and drawers (though we wish that this was the case. But we’re not holding out breath – except when we have to). A few pumps of our Antibacterial Body Sprays can do wonders to keep closets and drawers fresh. Alternatively, soak cotton balls with our Body Sprays and place them in the funky area(s) to dry.