How to Detox Your Body Naturally

The New Year is a great time to start afresh, to renew yourself, and to restore your energy. It’s also a great time to lose those extra holiday pounds you’ve gained by overindulging. But losing weight can be challenging. To help your body conquer this New Year’s resolution, you have to have proper nutrition and to detox your body. Detoxing your body is extremely important if you’re trying to lose weight or trying to establish good health.

Detox Your Body

What is Detoxing?

Detoxing is a natural, automatic process that gets rid of unwanted toxins from the body 24 hours a day. These toxins come from pollutants in the environment and from eating too many refined and processed foods and junk food. But you can help detox your body by eating healthy, limiting toxic exposure, exercising regularly, and reducing stress. 

How to Detox Your Body

You should detox your body at least once a year. Some people associate “detoxing” with a 7-day juice fast or some other extreme diet, but this is a false notion. Detoxing has actually been practiced for centuries by cultures around the world — including in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine — and it doesn’t require you to make extreme diet choices. It’s about removing toxins from your body and your life in general.

The best way to detox your body is to eat fresh and clean. It can be as easy as eating foods that help remove junk from your gut and drinking enough water to flush out your system. Detoxing is about nourishing and cleansing the body from the inside out, and resting. By detoxing your body, you can help protect it from illnesses and restore your ability to maintain good health.

Detoxing your body helps its natural cleansing process to:

  1. Let your organs rest by fasting.
  2. Prompt the liver to remove toxins from your body.
  3. Promote removal of toxins through the kidneys, intestines, and skin.
  4. Improve blood circulation.
  5. Refuel your body with healthy nutrients.

How to Know if You Need to Detox Your Body

Your body has the innate ability to heal, renew, and cleanse itself. But this happens only when the conditions are right. Today, the environment we live under is less than natural. From the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the water we drink and shower with, to the buildings we live and work in and the cosmetics we use. Everything is loaded with toxins that alone or in combination can compromise the detoxifying process and cause your body to struggle to cleanse its organs and tissues properly, leading to suffering, disease, and even death.

If you experience symptoms such as acne, bad breath, bloating, body odor, congestion, fatigue or sluggishness, headaches, hormonal disruptions, low grade fever, muscle aches, rashes, puffy eyes or bags under the eyes, sore throat, trouble with digestion, weakened immunity, weight fluctuations, worsening of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, and so on, then you need to a body detox.

When you remove these toxins through detoxing and cleansing and replace them with what your body needs — real foods, just as nature intended food to be — it will bounce back to its healthy state as if by magic. This natural, common-sense medicine enables your body to heal, regenerate and even rejuvenate itself.

How to Start a Detox

You can detox your body at any time, but overindulging in December on champagne, cheese, and pie makes January an ideal time to detox. Although detoxing can be challenging, it’s time to put down the eggnog and get back to business.

Detoxes vary from one person to the next, and depend on the person, his/her goals and level of health. They’re designed to promote the removal of toxins from your body and improve your liver function and overall well-being. They normally involve a combination of dietary improvements, natural health products, and lifestyle changes.

First, you have to lighten up your toxin load as this is an obstacle to your healing process. Ditch alcohol, caffeine, gluten, refined sugars, vegetable oils (e.g. canola and corn), saturated fats, processed oils and butters (e.g. margarine), nightshades (tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes), corn, white rice, shellfish, red meat, soy, and dairy — eggs can be included in your diet for a protein boost. All these vices act as toxins and wreck havoc inside your body.

A 5-day detox which includes hot breakfasts, warm and filling dinners, and quick and simple lunches increases your chance for success. Also, create basic recipes to make in advance and cook all your meals at home.

In addition to eating clean, minimize the use of chemical-based personal health care products (cleansers, deodorants, shampoos, and toothpastes) and household cleaners, and substitute with natural alternatives.

To round things up, eliminate stress as it triggers your body to release stress hormones into your system. Although these hormones are useful when it comes to providing the “adrenaline rush” needed to win a race or meet a deadline, they’re toxic in large amounts and slow down liver enzymes responsible for detoxing. Nourishing your soul with simple and effective methods such as yoga and meditation relieves stress by rebooting your system and giving your body a fresh start.

How Long to Detox Naturally

How long and often you should detox your body depends on how clean you are to begin with. For some people, it may be reasonable to do two detoxes a year, depending on their lifestyle. But there is no reason why you can’t do more if you feel you need to. If you’ve been eating a lot of processed foods or if you’re feeling sluggish, it could mean your body needs a detox.

How long you detox your body also depends on the detox program you’re doing and how effective it is. Some people find five to seven days is long enough, but there’s no rule against continuing your detox for twenty or even thirty days if it feels right. I like to have options, and you don’t always have to commit to an all or nothing detox.

How to Detox the Body at Home

Here are 8 ways in which you can detox your body at home:

1. Eat whole foods & smaller meals

The most important cause of toxins accumulating in your body is eating highly processed and refined foods. So in order to detox your body, you have to opt for whole foods that are rich in fiber and packed with nutrients. These are foods like organic fruits and veggies plus beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains such as brown rice as well as lean protein. Artichokes, beets, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, and seaweed are excellent foods to detox your body.

In addition, opt for smaller, more frequent meals as big meals cause bloating and force the digestive system to work harder. And eat slowly so you don’t gulp air while chewing which makes you feel more full.

2. Drink lots of water

If you’re trying to detox your body, alcohol is a big no-no. You need to drink lots of water instead—at least two quarts of water a day. Hydrating isn’t just essential for survival but is equally important in flushing out unwanted toxins from your kidneys. Water also aids in weight loss, helps resolve skin issues, and boosts energy levels. Feel free to add lemon, orange, strawberries or mint leaves to make detox water with a hit of electrolytes. The citrus in these fruits signals the liver to produce more enzymes and to keep the digestive process running smoothly.

Alternatively you can switch things up with green tea, which has been shown to protect against cancer and heart disease.

3. Try fasting with a quick and easy cleanse

Fasting isn’t about depriving yourself or reducing the number of calories you consume (though you’ll likely lose a few pounds). It’s a quick and easy cleanse in which you eat an appropriate portion size of whole foods that lack anything that might cause inflammation in your system. This reboots your system and to gives your gut and brain an opportunity to reset some bad habits and restart your good health. 

For a quick cleanse which usually lasts three to five days, you consume only fresh fruits and veggies for the first day or two, and cut out alcohol for the length of the cleanse. This gives your stomach a much needed break from food that might not be great for it and helps the body rejuvenate. You’ll not only feel good afterwards but chances are that some of the good habits will stick around as part of your routine.

4. Exercise

In order to detox your body well, you need to exercise. Exercising makes you sweat and sweating is how your skin eliminates some unwanted toxins. Your skin can remove arsenic, lead, mercury, and other metals through sweat by moving and excreting them from your body. Sweating also helps in detoxifying by boosting circulation throughout your body.

Detox Your Body

So exercising doesn’t only aid in keeping you fit and healthy but also assists in getting rid of toxins and in helping you feel less stressed, happier, and more energized. You can easily perform crunches, forward lunges, jump-roping, planks, pushups, squats, and yoga at home. One hour of exercise every day is ideal.

5. Have a green smoothie

Smoothies aren’t just tasty but are nutritional powerhouses as well, making them an easy breakfast or a late evening drink. Having a smoothie not only gives your immune system a boost but also efficiently helps detox your body. 

Detox smoothies can be made using green leafy veggies like kale and spinach or you can add bananas, carrots, cucumbers, or strawberries as well as green tea for energy, ginger to fight inflammation, and coconut water for hydration. 

6. Practice smart skincare

Take the time to detox the largest organ you have—your skin. Treat it right by dry-brushing with a soft brush before your bath or shower. Dry-brushing is a gentle exfoliation that refreshes circulation, removes toxins from your skin, and promotes new cell growth by getting rid of dead skin cells.

Using an oil massage such as the Invigorating Organic Detox Body Oil in conjunction with dry-brushing aids in the detoxification process through deep exfoliation and cleansing—plus it offers an opportunity for relaxing self-care.

Organic Detox Body Oil

Also a hot bath, especially one with added Epsom salt, helps you sweat out unwanted toxins; and can also help you cleanse from the inside out. Your skin will absorb Epsom salt’s minerals such as magnesium, which can get things moving in the colon. And adding essential oils to a hot bath help your skin to heal, re-balance, and soothe. 

7. Get good sleep

Get a good night’s sleep to ensure you maintain good health. Create a sleep haven by keeping your bedroom cool, dark, quiet, and free of screens. Go to bed at the same time nightly and be sure to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Sufficient rest reduces stress and inflammation so your body can function at its best. 

8. Sweat it out in a sauna

Practice hydrotherapy by using a sauna regularly. Sweating it out is the perfect way to detox your body. Saunas help release unwanted toxins through your skin as you sweat; and taking a hot shower afterwards with soap and a skin brush get the toxins off your skin.

Also, consider taking a very hot shower for five minutes, followed with cold water for 30 seconds, and then getting into bed for 30 minutes to eliminate waste through perspiration. This should be repeated three times.

How to Detox Your Body Using Home Remedies

Detoxing at home includes fasting or juicing, and eating more fibrous foods such as cereals, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds is also a part of a detox diet. Exercise is also important when detoxing because it increases blood circulation and sweating helps your body to release toxins.

Detox Your Body

The goal of most home detox remedies is to flush out toxins from the liver and gallbladder plus assist in boosting energy levels, combating fatigue, increasing immunity, improving metabolism, stimulating circulation, nourishing the body with healthy nutrients, maintaining clear skin, and improving mental clarity and concentration. 
Here are 6 home detox remedies:

1. Green smoothies

These are the most common remedy to detox your body. As mentioned above, smoothies are nutritional powerhouses that efficiently help the body get rid of harmful toxins while providing a wealth of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Green smoothies contain green leafy veggies like kale and spinach which help in detoxifying your body and eliminating heavy metals such as those found in pesticides and industrial pollutants. 

2. Raw juices

Raw fruit and vegetable juices, such as those made from apples, beets, blueberries, carrots, cucumber, grapefruit, oranges, and spinach, nourish your body as well as remove harmful toxins. These juices are a rich source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and many other biologically active compounds. They aid in hormone metabolism, stimulate the immune system, reduce blood pressure and even regulate the enzymes responsible for detoxifying the body.

Juices extracted from green leafy vegetables are particularly beneficial because they contain chlorophyll, which aids in the removal of cancer-related toxins. Plus they’re easier to digest than whole vegetables and fruits since their indigestible fibers have been removed and the nutrients are now more easily available to the body. 

For a juice fast, simply drink five to six glasses of raw fruit or vegetable juice daily for a few days. You have the option to create a juice blend with apples, beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, and lemon juice as opposed to juice from a single fruit or vegetable. For better absorption of the nutrients, drink the juice slowly rather than quickly gulping it down.

3. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is a powerful detoxifier and alkalizer. It stimulates the liver to produce bile, boosts the intake and absorption of minerals, and significantly reduces body fat by restricting calories in comparison to the normal diet group. It also strengthens your immune system due to its high vitamin C and antioxidant content.

Mix the juice squeezed from one lemon with a cup of warm water and drink daily, preferably first thing in the morning. Alternatively, drink one-half cup of lemon juice, one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper, and one tablespoonful of honey mixed in a cup of hot water daily for a few days or weeks.

4. Epsom salt

Epsom salt baths, which contain magnesium, increase the magnesium level in the body. Magnesium detoxes your body by removing metals from the body. It also boosts your immunity and soothes body aches and pains.

Soak your entire body, up to your neck, in a bathtub filled with warm water and mixed with one to two cups of Epsom salt. Do this for about 15-30 minutes, up to three times per week.

Add olive oil to your bath water during the colder months for additional skin conditioning benefits. 

Note: Consult a primary care provider if you have high blood pressure or a heart disease before using an Epsom salt bath to detox your body.

5. Green tea

Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps get rid of free radicals from the body. It contains EGCG, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the liver from toxic damage. It also helps regulate inflammation and promotes DNA repair. In addition, regularly drinking green tea boosts your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Drink two to three cups of green tea daily or take 100 to 750 mg per day of green tea extract supplements. Alternatively, fill a bathtub with hot water and let five to six green tea bags steep in this water for about 15 minutes. When the water cools down slightly and is warm enough for you, soak your body for about 15-20 minutes.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is well-known for its health benefits. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory that detoxes the liver, improves brain function, and purifies the blood. It also has antioxidant properties and has been shown to prevent and even cure cancer. 

Drink a concoction of one teaspoonful of turmeric powder, a pinch of cayenne pepper, juice from one lemon, and a little honey (to taste) mixed in one cup of warm water once daily for a few days or weeks. Alternatively, add one-half teaspoonful of turmeric powder and one-half teaspoonful of dry ginger powder to two cups of boiling water, and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the tea, squeeze juice from half a lemon and add it to the tea plus one tablespoonful of pure maple syrup, and drink this daily or a few times a week for a few weeks.

Note: Consult a primary care provider if you’re a pregnant or nursing mother, or if you have a chronic degenerative disease such as diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure.

How to Detox Skin Naturally

There are different remedies you can use to detox your skin. These simple and relaxing solutions will calm your mind and body while eliminating all the harmful toxins damaging your skin.

1. Dry brushing routine

Dry brushing is an age-old method that feels just as good when you do it yourself. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate into your detox routine. It involves brushing your skin when it is dry, in the morning rather than before bed due to its energizing qualities. You can use the brush on its own or put a bit of body oil onto the brush before you use it to maximize benefits.

Detox Your Body

Dry brushing gets rid of dead skin cells, reduces cellulite, and also helps your body get rid of toxins. It stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for collecting and transporting waste to the blood. It also invigorates the skin by prompting more fresh blood to rush to your skin, making it easier for toxins to be eliminated from your body.

Shower before skin brushing if you’re using an oil on the brush. If not, shower after skin brushing, then apply oil or lotion. Start at your feet or hands and brush your skin upward while directing the strokes towards your heart, and go all the way up to your shoulders. For the tummy, work in a circular pattern.

Keep brushing for two to three minutes. Use firm, small strokes but be sure not to press too hard or use too-stiff of a brush. Harsh exfoliation is never the point.

Note: Use a brush with natural bristles. Don’t dry brush your face, your private parts, or any area on your body with an abrasion or rash. 

2. Detox bath

A full-body detox bath is beneficial because it draws out harmful toxins from your body and skin plus it relaxes your body and improves circulation. It cleanses your body from the outside in while nourishing and hydrating dry and stressed skin, soothing, and purifying. You emerge replenished, detoxified, and moisturized, having successfully pressed the full reset. Detox bath recipes include:

  • Epsom salt bath—Fill bathtub with warm water and add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to it. Soak your entire body, up to the neck, in the water for 15-30 minutes.
  • Sea salt bath—Fill bathtub with enough warm water and add 2 cups of sea salt to it. Soak your entire body, up to the neck, in this sea salt-infused water for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Green tea bath—Fill the tub with hot water and let 5-6 green tea bags steep in this water for about 15 minutes. Once the water has slightly cooled down and is warm enough for you, soak your entire body, up to the neck, in it for an additional 15-20 minutes.
  • Apple cider vinegar bath—Fill bathtub with enough water and add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar and your favorite essential oil (lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils work great for a detox bath). Soak your body in this water for 20-30 minutes. 
  • Coffee grounds bath—Mix 1 cup of coffee grounds with either 1/3 cup of water or 1/3 cup of olive oil. Fill bathtub with enough warm water and use the grounds as a scrub all over your body. After scrubbing for 5-10 minutes, soak in the warm water for 10 minutes with the scrub on your body.

3. Hot oil massage

A hot oil massage using a detox body oil is extremely soothing and relaxing for your skin. It aids a lot in the removal of toxins from your skin by stimulating blood circulation, sweeping away dead skin cells, and improving the appearance of your skin. The oil nourishes and smooths your skin, making it softer and naturally glowing. 

Lightly warm up the Invigorating Organic Detox Body Oil and apply it all over your body. Massage for a couple of minutes. Leave the oil on for 15-20 minutes and then take a shower with warm water. You can use the oil alone, right after dry brushing, or apply it during dry brushing.

Note: Heating up the oil too much may scald your skin. 

These simple and relaxing remedies will calm your mind and body while removing all the toxins damaging your skin.

How to Naturally Detox Your Armpits

Detoxing your armpits can help the body eliminate toxins that have built up on the skin. This is a result of the consistent use of certain deodorants or an antiperspirants. It may also help to reduce the amount of chemical residue in your sweat glands, correct the imbalance of bacteria in your armpits, and in turn decrease body odor. Your sweat should actually stop smelling funky.

Here are some simple, natural ways to detox your armpits and reduce body odor:

1. Wear natural fibers

If you’ve noticed that your stink more when you wear certain clothes, it’s not just your imagination. Wearing natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or linen (versus synthetic fibers such as polyester or rayon) can make a huge difference when it comes to body odor! Natural fibers let your skin breathe freely and keep your skin dry which means less odor.

2. Eat a balanced diet

Certain foods such as alcohol, cruciferous veggies, red meat, spicy foods, and fish will actually affect the way your body odor smells. The best foods for combating body odor are whole grains, fresh fruits, raw nuts, and green leafy vegetables. Leafy greens contain chlorophyll which helps your body to detox properly and to combat body odor. 

3. Keep your armpits dry

Bacteria thrive in moist environments, which is why your armpits are the perfect environment to produce odors. Dry your armpits off well after a bath or shower. This will make an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow. You can also wipe off excess sweat with a paper towel or wipe if you want to keep your armpits dry and are not able to shower (for example, after working out, while traveling, or at your office). Also, shave or trim your armpit hair frequently as hair traps moisture.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated to help flush out toxins from your body in an efficient way and to control body odor. Water also helps to keep your system clean.

5. Apply apple cider vinegar, lemon, or baking soda

Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are both acidic. They neutralize odor-causing bacteria by may making it difficult for bacteria to grow and survive on your skin. After you shower, apply either of these remedies directly to your armpits using a cotton ball. Allow to air-dry. Baking soda is another remedy you could apply to your armpits to get similar results. It’s a natural antibacterial that absorbs moisture, keeps armpits dry, and prevents sweat formation. It also alkalizes the body and neutralizes stinky body odor.

6. Use an antibacterial body spray

Our antibacterial body sprays are infused with African Wild Cucumber extract. This odor-blocking botanical is documented to have powerful antibacterial properties. It kills odor-causing bacteria and leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling fresh. Spray your armpits and body to prevent or get rid of body odor. Allow to air-dry.

7. Apply a bentonite clay mask

If you’re looking to take your armpit detox to the next level, you can try a bentonite clay mask. This mask draws out harmful toxins from conventional deodorants, reduces body odor, eases the transition to a natural deodorant, and improves tender lymph nodes and boosts lymphatic circulation. We have an easy full tutorial for this method of detoxing your armpits.

Detox Your Body

How to Detox Body Through Feet

Detoxing your body through feet removes toxins and heavy metals plus it balances your body’s pH, reduces swelling, boosts the mood, and relieves stress. It also increases immunity to illness, improves heart health, aids in weight loss, and destroys harmful microorganisms.

A foot detox is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day or to help revive circulation in the feet. It may also be beneficial if you’re experiencing athlete’s foot, especially if you add tea tree essential oil to your foot bath.

There are different ways to detox your body through your feet. The most popular methods of foot detox include:

1. Foot soak

A foot soak is a simple form of a foot detox bath. It uses Epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, or a baking soda and sea salt combo, and involves soaking your feet in a warm water bath. Some people also add a few drops of essential oil to the water to refresh and clean the feet. Foot soaks may also soften your feet.

2. Foot mask

A bentonite clay foot mask may clean and soften the feet. People typically apply the foot mask for a set period before washing it off. This mask is especially beneficial for people suffering from foot odor or fungal infections.

3. Foot scrub

A hydrating olive oil foot scrub detoxes and cleans the feet. It also reduces foot odor and removes dead skin cells. Plus the accompanying gentle foot massage relaxes the muscles and reduces tension.

We have full tutorials for these methods of detoxing your body through your feet.

Note: If you’re pregnant, have open sores or an infection on your feet, consult your primary care provider before doing a foot detox.