9 Easy Tricks to Smell Fresh After a Workout

Smell Fresh After a Workout

Have you ever had to fit a workout in before going to work in the morning or before grabbing dinner with friends? That’s me! I love to workout, but I’m usually a sweaty mess post-workout. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s also embarrassing at times. I need a way to be less sticky and to smell fresh after a workout even when I don’t have access to a full shower. These tricks help me feel less gross and sticky by getting my body temperature under control and cooling me down as quickly as possible. So I don’t have to skip my workout. They also come in handy on a steamy, humid day.

Whenever I’m out all day on a hot, summer day or after an intense cardio workout, I make sure to follow these 9 tricks to help me de-stink and to freshen up my look post-workout.

9 Tricks to Make You Smell Fresh After a Workout — No Shower Needed

1. Take a Shower Before Working Out

Yes I said “no shower needed” (after a workout), and this may not make sense because you’re about to workout and sweat, but taking a shower before working out removes any oils and bacteria on your skin, allowing you to workout and sweat more comfortably. To make sure I get rid of as much bacteria off my skin, I use natural antibacterial soap. Sweat doesn’t stink, it’s odorless. Body odor is caused by the bacteria that lives on our skin so getting rid of the bacteria gets rid of the odor.

2. Use a Wet Towel or Wet Wipe

I started using wet wipes to smell fresh after a workout when my daughter was a baby. I worked out to get rid of the baby weight when she was sleeping but wouldn’t have time to take a shower before she woke up and needed my attention. And I didn’t want to pick her up when I was all sweaty. So I used some of her baby wipes to wipe away the sweat from my skin and to freshen up. It’s a habit I still follow today. When wiping, it’s important to focus on the 5 areas where you sweat the most. These problem areas are where bacteria live and are known to cause the worst body odor — around the neck, the armpits, the back, the groin region, and the feet.

I prefer using baby wipes because they’re gentle. If you have sensitive skin, wipes that contain witch hazel and aloe are also gentle on sensitive skin.

3. Use an Antibacterial Body Spray

This is my secret weapon and the one trick I always use to smell fresh after a workout! Since body odor is caused by bacteria that lives on our skin, using an antibacterial body spray makes sense. It not only gets rid of bacteria and odor, it also lets you cool down and leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling fresh. And the sprays smell great too!

4. Change Your Clothes

Changing out your stinky clothes after a workout and getting into fresh clothes can help you get rid of stinky odors and smell fresh after a workout fast. Bacteria grow on sweaty clothes when they sit for a while, which makes the smell linger and worse post-workout. Don’t forget to change out your underwear, socks, and shoes too.

5. Give Your Shoes a Break plus Get Shoe Insoles

Let your workout shoes air out for 24 hours after wearing them. Shoes can be a breeding ground for smelly bacteria because they’re not ventilated and they contain a lot of sweat from your feet. Did you know that each foot contains a whopping 250,000 sweat glands?! Couple that with your socks and warmth and you get a nasty odor! Letting your shoes rest after a workout means much of the festering bacteria will die. Also, if your shoes aren’t too cramped, consider getting insoles. Insoles absorb and wick moisture away, especially those with activated charcoal. They’re a quick and easy way to make you smell fresh after a workout.

6. Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothes and Socks

Moisture-wicking clothes and socks push away sweat so it can evaporate. This is great when you’re working out or when you’re out and about on a hot, summer day. This material helps you stay less sweaty and sticky (as well as smelly) so that you’ll look great and smell nice too, wherever you’re going after your workout.

7. Cool Your Face

Washing my face with cold water after a workout is not only refreshing but it helps me cool off too. It also gets rid of the stickiness and sweat and prevents acne flareups. But there are times when I don’t want to wash my makeup off, if I have a meeting or have to go out for dinner with friends. In those instances, I put some ice or a cold water bottle on the side of my neck (near the carotid artery) to cool the blood going to my face. I then dab my face with a wet wipe to get rid of some of the sweat and to cool it down further. This is a great post-workout trick. You should try it out!

8. Use Dry Shampoo

If your hair is sweaty and greasy, much like mine following a HIIT workout session, and you don’t have time to shower and blow out, blot or pat dry the excess sweat with a towel and then use some dry shampoo on the strands and scalp to freshen up on the spot. Be sure to run your fingers through the hair a little to make sure you don’t have any patches. Since I have a short pixie cut, I then brush my hair down and back into a sleek ‘do with a side part to keep my look polished and the sweat somewhat hidden. Doing this helps me feel less sticky and gets rid of that gross feeling when there’s no time to rinse off. If you have longer hair, try sweeping your it into a sleek bun or high ponytail.

9. Use Deodorant

So I’ve wiped up with baby wipes, sprayed myself with an antibacterial body spray, changed my clothes and shoes, cooled my face down, and refreshed my hair with dry shampoo. The last thing I do to smell fresh after a workout and to keep the body odor away is to use deodorant. I like to use a deodorant with a fresh, light scent like powder or lavender.

By using these tips, I feel more comfortable and cool after my workout. And I don’t have to skip my workout session if I have to meet up with friends or clients afterwards.

What do you do to make sure you smell fresh after your workouts? Do you have any tricks for freshening up quickly? What are a few of your go-to products? Leave your tips and suggestions below.