10 Ways to Beat Kids’ Body Odor

Body Odor

It’s the problem no parent wants to talk about—their kid’s body odor. And there are probably millions of kids who have it plus millions more parents who suffer in silence and have resigned themselves to living with the stink for a very long time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I know because this happened to me. My daughter had really bad body odor from the tender age of 8. At first I didn’t know how to get rid of it or even deal with it. But I persevered, found a solution, and she’s finally body odor free. And I’m now kinda obsessed with preventing it from ever coming back again…on her, her younger brother, and on YOU AND YOUR KIDS.

So I’ve covered the spectrum of body odor here—and offered solutions. Whether it’s armpit odor, foot odor, genital/vaginal odor, or it’s all-over body odor, here’s what to do to get you—and your kid—out of the stinkiest situations.

How to Remedy Body Odor

1. Avoid sweaty clothes

This can be tough with active kids but the important thing is NOT to hang around in sweaty clothes—whether they’re gym clothes or regular clothes. Get out of those sweaty clothes and get clean fast.

Any kind of sweat that sits on the skin too long is problematic. It mixes with bacteria on your skin and not only causes body odor but can also cause back and chest acne.

2. Wear clean clothes

Kids like to recycle their clothes for a second wearing, especially if they forgot to put their sports gear in the laundry and now they need that t-shirt or pair of shorts for practice or a game. This is a big no-no! For the sake of everyone, wear clean clothes every time!

Sweat collects on dirty clothes which leads to bacteria accumulating on the fabrics and causing them to stink. So kids need to be reminded that even though their bodies are clean, if their clothes aren’t clean they will stink! And this includes undershirts, underwear, and socks too.

3. Antibacterial body wash is your friend

Body Odor

Yeah, you most definitely want to use an antibacterial body wash. Odor-causing bacteria are attracted to the oily substance in sweat, digesting it and causing that gag-inducing smell. So it’s all about getting rid of the bacteria with a natural antibacterial, which is what’s in the shower gels from Angels n’ Dudes.

Free of artificial colors, alcohol, and parabens, these divinely-scented body washes are formulated with a few ingredients, including African wild cucumber to naturally block odor, shea butter to hydrate the skin, and aloe and calendula flower extracts to soothe and moisturize while also imparting a refreshing, delightful fragrance.

4. Invest in antibacterial body spray

Body Odor

These antibacterial body sprays are the BEST. And I swear they’re what really beat the body odor my daughter had going on. Deodorant is great, but it only gets rid of body odor in the armpits. Not very effective when it comes to full body odor. Better to blanket the entire body in a few quick sprays.

Paired with Angels n’ Dudes’ antibacterial body washes, they block body odor and prevent it from resurfacing, leaving your skin feeling soft, moisturized, smelling fresh, and odor free.

5. Shave the underarms

Body Odor

First things first, let’s get this straight: antiperspirant and deodorant are not the same thing. Antiperspirant works by clogging and blocking the pores and reducing the source of the odor—sweat. On the other hand, deodorant merely covers up odor by neutralizing the smell from sweat and by its antiseptic action against bacteria. It does not stop your child from sweating, which is the preferred method in kids.

To boost the power of these odor-blocking products, shave or trim underarm hair frequently and have your child wear deodorant regularly to keep body odor under control (natural deodorant is preferred in kids ). Shorter underarm hair traps less moisture and creates a less-than-ideal environment for bacteria to grow.

Also, doing an armpit detox regularly will get rid of all the toxic buildup in your kid’s armpits. A clay armpit detox helps to naturally detoxify the underarms and eliminates kids smelly armpits.

6. Avoid fabric softener

Avoid using any fabric softener on your kid’s gym clothes and athletic uniforms. It’s a sneaky way that might not directly cause their body odor, but it certainly doesn’t help. It not only damages the fibers, but also makes the odor worse! Fabric softener locks in stinky odors by leaving a coating on the fibers, preventing them from getting completely clean.

If you feel you need fabric softener, add a little white vinegar to the wash. It acts as both a natural fabric softener and bacteria killer. It’s the little things.

7. Keep feet clean and dry

Body Odor

Funky feet are the result of sweaty sandal feet and stinky shoes. Bacteria love to hide out in the dark, damp areas under the soles of shoes. So kids need to to pay special attention when cleaning their toes and feet after a long day walking or playing outdoors.

If sweaty feet is their primary issue, try a moisture-absorbing product like charcoal shoe inserts, baby powder, or even sweat-absorbent socks. These socks are made from cotton and some wools which absorb sweat and take some of it away from your kid’s feet. This keeps their feet dry and bacteria free.

The issue could also be with the shoes. Use African Wild Cucumber-containing Refresh in a Flash disinfectant spray to take care of that nasty smell coming from your kid’s sneakers. Lightly spray the insoles (or the entire sneaker if it’s feasible), allowing them to air dry for at least 24 hours. Do this after each use to keep shoes smelling fresh and odor free.

You can also pour a bit of baking soda on their shoes to minimize odor, and/or set them out in the sun. Also, remind the kids to change their socks every day, after a game/practice, or after getting them wet. And they shouldn’t wear them again until they’ve been washed and the socks are completely dry.

8. Shampoo hair

If your kid doesn’t have time for a full-on shower, dry shampoo is the quickest solution for less-than-fresh strands. The powdery and oil-absorbing ingredients will help him/her feel less sticky and will remedy that musky feeling.

Body Odor

Be sure they first pat dry the excess grease and sweat with a towel and to run their fingers through the hair a little after applying the shampoo to make sure they don’t have any patches. Using witch hazel on a cotton ball or Q-Tip can also clear up a dirty scalp when there’s no time to rinse off. These are all great post-game or post-practice remedies as well.

9. Keep breath fresh

For the most part, bad breath (also known as halitosis) is caused by bad oral hygiene. So the first step is to make sure your child brushes his/her teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes, scrapes his tongue with a toothbrush every so often, and flosses at least once a day. They also need to see their dentist twice a year.

If your child’s bad breath isn’t that serious, a few simple lifestyle changes can help them keep breath fresh and avoid this problem. Stay away from mouthwash that contains alcohol, and feed them more veggies to live a fresh-breath-friendly life.

10. Don’t forget about the genitals

Body Odor

Your child’s private parts are very sensitive, and many factors from poor hygiene to diet can disrupt the pH balance. Some odors are temporary. But if there is a foul or fishy odor in addition to some discharge, this could be a marker of a larger problem and it’s time to see your child’s doctor.

How do you prevent unwanted genital odor? Start by switching your child’s underwear to cotton, then consider their body wash. You want to use a mild natural soap in such a sensitive area, such as Angels n’ Dudes’ natural antibacterial shower gels that keep the area bacteria and odor-free.

Body Odor

Angels n’ Dudes shower gels and sprays will leave your child’s skin feeling soft and moisturized, and most importantly, odor free. You can’t help but experience pure joy from the wonderful scents as your child works up a rich, creamy lather from head to toe. They bring instant happiness and smiles to people of all ages.

Shimmer Mermaid Magic and Galaxy body washes and sprays are the perfect year-round scents. Not only do they smell amazing but they shimmer too!